Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why would I do this???

Some friends have cautioned me against putting my views out there for the world to read with the warning "What if you want to get elected some day?". I figure it would be ideal if all candidates had been posting their thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc for years before you had to decide if they should represent you in government. The chance that I'd ever get elected is slim, not buying into the all-or-nothing 2-party set-up we have right now and all so the concern is minimal. Neither party would have me right now and I wouldn't have them if they did. Unfortunately the lemming mind set of most Americans prevents Independent candidates from having a real chance right now in most areas and certainly no chance at the big office.

That being said, here it goes. I'll start off with a paper I wrote trying to explain why true Healthcare reform is necessary and why the one that is being pushed right now does not qualify as real reform. Might as well start getting flamed as soon as possible.


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