Sunday, December 26, 2010

Decomposition of Thought

Found these from a few years back. Some of my random mind-pukes.

Decomposition of Thought

The composition of a sentence makes all the difference
A thought unanalyzed, given words internally
Words arranged for aesthetics, organized for logic's sake
Bounced against the momentum of the moment for impropriety
Given voice a moment too soon
All preparation is wasted.

Victim to the truth

Truth be told, old as I am, the direct nature of my conversation tends to open the evil in others. From where does the contention that my truth, when requested, can be uncalled for? When my further explanation of a situation leads to leaving... leave if that be your decision, but don't hold me as the attacker when my words were unfinished......

Humanity of the humorless

Deadpan stares given to the inappropriate exclamation
Laughs, forced and few
Reflection of bottled lights in their eyes
End of the bar is best to view the rest

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